Friday, November 30, 2012

30th the end ... of the month

photo by simply victoria

November is done. OVAH.  Did that not go quickly?  I did not post every day but, way more consistently than before.  The discipline and structure was good for me.  I am going to do a December recap just to keep the momentum going.

I end this month with a broken dishwasher and a sinus infection or something... weird.... I will be fine I am sure.  I had a good day yesterday.  A payoff of sorts.  You put in the effort eventually the reward will come.  It will be good times.

Those guys up there in the photo... look so happy.  These are the best of times.  Hanging out with our friends.  Fleeting moments in my life when all my cares are cast aside for a short while.

Hey! It is Friday.  Happy Weekending all.


Victoria said...

ah. hijack. t-bird. love those guys.

"you are who you associate with. look around at your 5 closest friends and that's who you are"
-will smith (pursuit of happyness)

I am so fine with that :)

elizabeth said...

beautiful picture; we are blessed with wonderful friends in our lives; hope you feel better soon! thinking of you, etc...

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