Friday, December 21, 2012

a dead laptop and a cold room

So, here I am again.
I had a good streak of daily postings.  With photos.
Then it happened.
My laptop died.  Not fully dead but, non functional. So we are keeping it on life support until we can pick up an external hard drive to transfer all the data.  Mostly photos.  Images that were uploaded but did not make it to flickr. 

So that leaves my husband's laptop and the big dude (our main computer).  Big Dude is in the cold room.  Also known as the laundry annex.  This is because it is directly off the laundry room and the clean clothes come out of the  laundry room onto the big blue couch and there they sit until my daughter finds the time to fold them... or until I fold them in frustration. 

It is a cold room because we use two gas fireplaces to heat the main floor and neither is in that room.  On the flip side it is the cool room in the summer time. 

I wrangled Mr. W's laptop this morning.  I feel the need to catch up.
Slightly jealous of reading how it's people's last day at work.  Nope not for me and our team.  And then Monday well Monday will prove to be interesting... there are only 3 of us working.  And we still have some pages to sell.

Earlier this week I was feeling a tad bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff still to do...but, now most of it is done.  I am still looking for a futon mattress.  Scored a sweet deal on a frame.  Still need to make PJ's.  That is tonight's task after we find the mattress.  Cheese shopping tomorrow and decorating the church.

#reverb12 catch up this weekend.

Have you all been thinking about a word for 2013?  I am pretty sure I have got mine.  I waiver ever so slightly.  

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elizabeth said...

had missed you. computers, they can be frustrating when they stop working :( love to you...

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