Tuesday, May 21, 2013

random from the canon ae-1

I was carrying around the canon for a long time.  The last photo is from the last abandoned house we visited.  We need to get back out.  I am struggling a bit with time management.

Taking a bit of a break from bootcamp.  My hip was bothering me something fierce and I am hyper conscious of doing something that would have some sort of indirect impact on my back health.  Because that is how it goes.... you slowly start compensating and before you know it you are all messed up.  This I know.

Works out for the best as last weekend we were away at my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  This week is dance shows for the next 3 nights.  I cannot express how melancholic this makes me feel.  I have been attending the dance shows at the Fine Arts school for years.  Hannah and I started going when she was in Kindergarten - before she was even enrolled in the school.  Then all through elementary we watched together until she was old enough to be on the stage.  And now this is her last year.  Three last shows. There will be some repetition through the nights but, I will be there for them all.

She will have a large group watching her Friday night.  It will be quite something.

Had a few more lessons in trusting in the process. 

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elizabeth said...

will pray about this week ~

I can see that it can be melancholy ~ thank God we have hope for a future and a Loving Saviour who will not leave us or those we love.

I love these pictures.

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